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Medical Expert Witnesses Need Virtual IME Services

Total Case Management is a MUST for a successful medicolegal practice.

The Issue

By industry definition, case management is the administrative process from expert retention to trial testimony.

Since many experts are used to working independently, they may not be managing their cases as proficiently as they could be. This is neither cost-effective nor efficient. It seems obvious, but the most valuable time for any medicolegal practice is the time the expert spends doing what they do best: being an expert. The more the expert is required to run the practice and keep track of everything, the fewer billable hours they will have, which will result in a lower income. Unfortunately, the experts’ clients (attorneys, claims professionals, or IME vendors) are used to hand-holding experts, particularly those who have a singular approach to their practice: “the expert”. Without staff or someone to answer the phone and manage cases, it's inevitable that your clients will grow tired of hearing the “leave a message” telephone tag, and long email threads… Which may cause them to go with another expert; one that has someone to answer the phone and respond to emails.

What is Needed

In businesses such as law firms, effectively managing the flow of a case (setting priorities for deadlines, ensuring that everyone is on task, and predicting what comes next) requires both an experienced support professional or professionals and a well-developed system to be in place. For experts, this system requires: calendaring, email management, tracking and organizing records, HIPAA compliance, follow-up, report delivery, as well as billing and collection. If you have the right support staff in place, these systems can help you stay one step ahead of potential problems and keep your case on track.

The Solution – Axis Administrative Services

Axis Administrative Services provides the Virtual IME Services necessary for complete case management. We have built our business with the sole purpose in helping medicolegal experts avoid the pitfall of poor case management.

When you hire Axis Administrative Services you can be rest assured that your client (attorney, claims professional or IME vendor) will be pleasantly surprised and undoubtedly relieved, to know that they can count on your practice support team to respond to inquiries and keep an eye on what’s important (like deadlines).

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