Schedule Management

  • We schedule all record reviews, exams, phone conferences, depositions, and testimony services based on your preferences and policies.


  • We set up and provide a shared calendar to keep you up to date, always. If you choose, you can receive notifications when appointments are booked, changed, or canceled so you are always in the know.

Records Management

  • We can receive records and imaging files electronically eliminating the need for paper.


  • We ensure all records from vendors are received and delivered on time.

  • We organize and prepare the medical records from direct referrals using the latest technology to ensure your time is optimized not only for the record review and exam but for deposition and testimony services.

Case Management

  • We create and share a customized case database so you can see where cases are in the process at any time.


  • We monitor each case from start to finish to ensure all deadlines are met every time.

  • We provide billing and collection services. 

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