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All of our virtual IME services were designed to provide Independent Medical Evaluators and Expert Witnesses the support they need to grow and run their medicolegal practice. 


We provide three distinct service offerings, each of which can be customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients in terms of the level of assistance they require and the cost.

Schedule Management

We provide stand-alone scheduling services for medicolegal physicians who want to avoid the daily barrage of emails and phone calls. We work closely with

our clients to understand their preferred scheduling requirements and provide a reliable team of staff members who are capable of quickly responding to new requests and referrals.

How It Works:

Each of our clients receives:


  • A dedicated virtual telephone  number with the area code of choice that rings directly to your AAS team.  


  • A dedicated team email  address which is received by each member    of your team, ensuring a rapid response to you and your clients. 


  • A shared calendar so you and your AAS team members stay up to date with events-real time.  


  • Access and use of our Citrix/ShareFile HIPAA-compliant system for storing and maintaining case documents. 



Scheduling services are charged on a

flat rate basis per occurrence and type

of service scheduled.

Records Management

Our stand-alone medical record sorting and organization services are for medicolegal physicians who want relief from unorganized, voluminous  records, and who would like a file they can get through more efficiently. The files are stored securely on our system and are maintained per our client's records retention policy.

How It Works:

Once a file is received we organize and sort the records per our client's preferences. 

We offer three main sorting formats.


  • Chronological - records sorted by date of service

  • By Provider (Facility) - records are grouped by provider then sorted by date within each group

  • Record or Type - records are grouped by type (i.e., chiropractic, physical therapy, imaging reports) then sorted by date within each group

For optimal efficiency we always include the following bonus features: Bookmarks, Hyperlinked index, Pagination (page numbers that correspond with index, and OCR (optical character recognition for search capabilities).


We also offer add-on services such as highlighted dates of service and bates stamping with custom prefix/suffix options.


The medical records services are charged on a per-page basis beginning at .30 per page

Case Management

We provide complete case management and practice support services to medicolegal physicians who want to spend their time being the expert, not on all of the administrative tasks required for running a successful medicolegal practice. Your AMM team works closely with you to understand how you prefer to work and we implement the strategies necessary to best support you.


How It Works:

Case Management includes all of the services for scheduling management and record management, as well as assistance with report generation, report quality assurance and editing, report distribution to the requesting client, and billing and collection services.


This service also includes monthly financial reporting including profit and loss statements and accounts receivable aging reports.


Complete case management services are billed on a percentage of the total invoice dependent on the type of case.  Direct referrals are billed at a higher percentage than those from a third-party vendor (IME company) or a fee-capped service such as from a worker's compensation state fund.

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