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Medical Expert Witness Administration

Administration may be the least interesting part of running a medical expert witness practice; however, it is also a crucial element if it is to be a successful medical expert witness practice. For each case you take on you will need to ensure you have enough time to do tasks, such as:

  • Reviewing all the medical records

  • Examining the claimant

  • Dictating, transcribing, and finalizing your report

Some other tasks that are not always required but are often necessary, include:

  • Phone conferences with the attorney or claims adjuster

  • Reviewing deposition transcripts

  • Being deposed

  • Testifying in court

On top of all of that there’s still administrative tasks, including:

  • Scheduling all the exams, phone conferences, depositions, and testimony

  • Tracking deadlines

  • Ensuring you receive all the necessary medical records

  • Filing medical records and other case related documents

  • Billing and collections

As your practice grows, administrative tasks will eat up more and more of your time. On average, administrative tasks account for 48% of your workday and none of it is billable. But that’s where Axis Administrative Services comes in. Our goal is to handle all those administrative tasks so that you, the medical expert can focus on the actual case work.

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