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Expert Witness Marketing Tip - CV

One great way for medical expert witnesses to network and market themselves is to circulate their CV. You should have a full, up-to-date CV to attach to reports and a pared down version to send to contacts and publish on your website, if you have one.

A CV should start with your name and job title in large, bold font so that it cannot be missed. It should also include contact details for medicolegal inquiries, define your current role, and provide a short summary of your clinical practice. This will help attorneys to quickly identify whether you have the expertise the require for their case. This is not always easy to establish just by reading your job title or past positions.

It is also important to mention professional qualifications, awards, and memberships, but save the narrative details for the full CV not the pared down version. A full CV should also include a full list of all publications, presentatio0ns, and research.

The pared down version of a CV is intended to acquire medicolegal case referrals and should be tailored accordingly. Make sure to mention past and current medicolegal reporting experience and training.

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