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James Myers, DC

James Myers, DC, FIAIME, CMLE

Dr. Myers is a Forensic Chiropractic Expert in the greater Seattle area. He is an approved examiner for Washington State L&I and a Certified Medicolegal Evaluator (CMLE). He received his medical training at the National University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Myers uses scientific and evidence-based practice methods to evaluate and treat patients. In his experience, medical decisions based on scientific principles result in more rapid positive outcomes and lowered patient dependencies than treatments based on philosophy. He also utilizes evidence-based principles when opining on medicolegal cases.

Dr. Myers is proud to serve as a chiropractic examiner and expert witness. He is currently
enrolled in the American Chiropractic Board of Forensic Professionals’ Diplomate Program to further his education and expertise. He will soon enroll in Lake Washington Technical College’s Medical Billing and Coding certificate program.


Due to the significant physical demands of a full-time chiropractic practice, he recently closed his private practice after twenty-five years. He now volunteers as a treating chiropractor at Lahai Health, a low-income non-profit medical clinic in Seattle.


Dr. Myers has been providing forensic chiropractic services for over a decade.

Direct Scheduling Contact:

Phone: (425) 225-7525


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