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Diana Kraemer, MD

Diana Kraemer, MD, FAANS, FIAIME, CMLE

Dr. Kraemer is a Board Certified Neurosurgeon in the greater Seattle area with a special interest in cognition, epilepsy, movement disorders, spinal disorders, spinal cord injury, headache, migraine, whiplash, depression, and chronic pain.


Dr. Kraemer received her medical training at UCLA, Duke, and Yale. And, she has additional experience in Resident Education, Quality Management, National Research studies, and International Education, including surgical treatment in 3rd world countries. She is a Fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and a Certified Medicolegal Evaluator (CMLE).


Her neurosurgical clinical practice focuses on a patient-centered, holistic approach to the complex factors involved with advanced or longstanding neurological conditions.

Dr. Kraemer is a treating physician for patients with workers' compensation issues, injury, and chronic pain. She has served as a medical expert witness for both plaintiff and defense attorneys for over a decade.

She enjoys providing comprehensive evaluations, second opinions, or independent examinations to the patient or claimant when a multi-factorial approach to return to wellness is required.

Direct Scheduling Contact:

Phone: (206) 226-9183


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Advanced Medical Group (AMG):

Phone: (425) 427-6700



Phone: (800) 388-2775


Medical Network Consultants (MCN):

Phone: (206) 219-4950


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